Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

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Camping in the winter time is great for everyone who likes to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of a perfect winter wonderland. Also, who doesn’t like to play in the snow? You will need just a little preparation and you will be surprised how comfortable can winter camping be.

Winter camping is much different than summer camping. Also it offers different challenges. So, you need to be prepared for more cold weather and shorter daylight hours. This means that you need to have extra gear and additional skills. Before you even leave your home, you must have a plan.Blue Lakes Winter Moonlight

Never go alone. Go with some friends who have skill and knowledge in different winter skills (snow travel, snow shelters)
– You need to research and study the maps. How long would it take for you to go there and set up a camp? You need to know also what emergence services areclose if something go wrong.
– You need to check the weather forecast.
– Talk to some people who were already there and what they were doing in order to give you a few advices.
– Have plan. Also inform the other people at your home or friends where you will be and for how long you will be there.
– Make a list. Something like winter camping checklist. So you wouldn’t forget something important before you go.
– Carry some cash for unexpected emergencies and fees.
– And the last thing is – be prepared for the unexpected. Bring extra food and clothing with you, just in case the weather changes.


Cold weather clothing! You need to stay dry and warm. This is the simple rule of winter. Choose clothing layers that dry quickly, wick moisture, waterproof and breathable. The best underwear in this case is synthetic – try to avoid cotton.
Boots! The best boots would be boots that are waterproof and insulating. This means that skiing and snowboarding boots could be good for you. Also beside boots you need to bring with you:hats, gaiters, gloves and mittens, socks, goggles and glasses.
A must for your backcountry travel are these ten essentials: First-aid supplies, navigation, insulation – extra clothing, sun protection, illumination, repair kit and tools, fire, extra food, extra water and emergency shelter.
So, by these you are ready to go on winter camping. Just beside these do not forget to bring sleeping bags, ground clothes, lightening and batteries and communication devices.


This should be a great fun a good adventure, but as we already know, camping in the winter time can bring some problems with itself. In that case you need to be prepared for everything and always one step ahead. That is why you need to think before you go to the camping. You need to check everything first. You need to bring all unnecessary equipment, you need to let at least three of your family members or friends where are you going an d how long you will stay. Always bring any communication device. Mobile phone is a must. You can turn it off, but you need to have it with yourself.